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AX85 Automatic swing doors

Universal Drive System for Swing Doors Low Energy or Fully Automatic

ax85 universally applicable

The universal qualities of the ax85 drive system are due to its electro-mechanical construction and its modular design. When the door drive motor operates, it simultaneously tensions a spring integrated in the drive housing. The closing movement uses energy stored in the spring, which, if necessary, is motor-assisted. Optimum power deployment is achieved in the entire door swing area, even without motor assistance. This moves the door reliably to its end position against draft resistance, for example, and also complies with the norms and standards of current safety requirements.

The ax85 is available to operate doors in sizes EN4 to EN6. The different spring forces required can be quickly and precisely adjusted on the spot using the special adjustment screw.

The system also provides many other sophisticated features, allowing pre-defined door types to be quickly and easily adapted to local circumstances.

ax85 in a hospital setting, double swing doors Standard Systems


  • DIN 18 650-compliant technology, approved worldwide
  • Approved as a hold-open system for fire protection barriers
  • Can be used with various fire-protection profile systems such as Jansen, Forster, Heroal and Schüco
  • Features gerontology technology for barrier free access


  • Double swing doors with or without master/slave operation
  • Power saving mode: adjustable opening of one or both door panels (stretcher opening)
  • Integrated sequential closing control for double-leaf fire door applications
  • Interlock function for two single doors installed consecutively
  • Direction-oriented opening for oncoming traffic in corridors
  • Opening or closing without current

Ax85 the Univerasally applicable swing door system

Installation variants

Lintel installation 1 leaf door Lintel Installation
(1 leaf door)
ax85T tracked arm left or right pulling
Lintel installation 1 leaf door Lintel Installation
(1 leaf door)
ax85A articulated arm left or right pushing. Drive variant for pushing tracked arm available
Lintel installation 2 leaf door Lintel Installation
(2 leaf door, master/slave operation)
Two electrically coupled drives with tracked arm pulling or articulated arm pushing.

Lintel installation 2 leaf door with tw0-way traffic Lintel Installation
(2 leaf door with two-way traffic)
Alternating operation of two drives independent of each other.
Door leaf installation - 1 leaf door Door Leaf Installation
(1 leaf door)
Arm and possible combinations as lintel installation
Interlock operation 2 x one-leaf doors Interlock operation
(2 x 1-leaf doors standing one after the other)
Two electrically interconnected drives in all arm variants

ax85 – the right choice every time

The Full Power and Low Energy versions demonstrate that the ax85 is the correct choice for all requirements. The strength of the Full Power version can move doors of several hundred kilos in weight, whereas the Low Energy version is limited to 1.6 joules of kinetic energy to enable it to operate safely without special sensors.

ax85 Full Power - The Versatile Strong One

The ax85 Full Power is the powerhouse in the family of axis swing door operators. Its adjustable spring force gives it great versatility, and can be adjusted on the spot, to suit door sizes from EN4 to EN6. This enhances its flexibility, enabling it to take additional customer-specific settings. Its sophisticated technology enables complex functions with optimum power deployment in the entire swing area.
  • Universal, powerful programmable
  • Extensive functionality without additional modules
  • Robust, reliable mechanics
  • Optimized for the use of large, heavy doors
  • Provides a high level of dynamism

The ax85 Full Power is especially suitable for use in:

  • Retail outlets
  • Airports
  • Administration and office buildings
  • Restaurants and hotels
ax85 Low Energy - The Gentle One With Reduced Motion Energy

Typical single door installationThe ax85 Low Energy is the ideal drive for environments where people move only slowly and have limited reaction capacity. Kinetic energy is limited to 1.6 joules, which means the safety of people in the swing area, even in the absence of additional security sensors, is not compromised.

  • Depending on location, little or no additional sensors required
  • Lowers the inhibition threshold, even in elderly people
  • Gentle operation is convenient and inspires confidence
  • Practically silent operation preserves the peace and quiet of living areas

The ax85 Low Energy is especially suitable for use in:

  • Homes for the elderly and disabled
  • Hospitals, clinics and retirement homes
  • Private homes and apartments

Suitable for environments with people of limited or slow reactions

ax85 Options & Accessories

Arm types

The power transmission from the drive to the door works by means of a bar, which, depending on the mounting situation is available as a tracked (sliding) arm pulling and pushing with an integrated stop. Alternatively an articulated arm of different lengths can be used, pushing.

Standard Systems

  • ax85T Tracked Arm
  • ax85TP Tracked Arm Pair of Doors
  • ax85A Articulated Arm
  • ax85AP Articulated Arm Pair of Doors
Arms are available in different lengths to compensate for a range of lintel sizes.

Through the use of optional axle extension pieces, so-called spacer bushes, different lintel heights can be compensated for.

All versions are available as Full Power or Low Energy options. Currentless drive units function like mechanical door closers.

Operator casing

  • Satin Stainless steel 85 mm
  • Coloured or Anodised Aluminium 85 mm or 108 mm
  • Extended as required
  • Extended for double swing doors (master/slave operators)

Installation versions

  • Lintel installation on hinge side or opposite hinge side
  • Door panel assembly
  • Hold-open systems for fire protection barriers
  • Master / slave operation applied as fire proof doors require a mechanical sequential control also

Axis extensions for tracked or articulated arms

  tracked arm pulling articulated arm pushing
Type Tracked arm pulling Articulated Arm pushing
20-80 32.0 – 92.0 mm 42.5 – 102.5 mm

Spring Tension

Adjustable spring pre-tensioning EN4 – EN6

Activation devices

radar motion detector infrared sensor Security sensors Push buttons
Radar motion detector
Infrared presence detector Security sensors for the monitoring of the door swivel area Push Button(s)

Standard Aluminium Doorset Specification

Single swing aluminium doors with finger trap protection system

Single Swing aluminium doors

Pair of aluminium swing doors with finger trap protection system

Pair of Aluminium doors

The aluminium doorset is formed from non-thermal aluminium extruded box section. The outer framework is constructed from 100mm by 45mm box section and the door leaves are constructed with 55mm wide stiles and 100mm deep, top and bottom rails. Weather stripping is standard on door stiles and top and bottom rails.

All doors are fitted with a euro-cylinder operated hook lock and various manual and electronic locking options are also available. On pairs of doors, a top and bottom flush bolt are installed to secure the secondary leaf.

The doors are glazed with either 6.4mm clear laminated glass stamped with BS kite mark or with clear double-glazed sealed units (24mm). Tinted glass and solid infill panels are also available.
Aluminium swing doors are fabricated with "built in" finger trap prevention systems. "Low-level" aluminium tapered thresholds and midrails (130mm deep, to increase the strength of the door) are included. Standard pad handles, powder coated the same finish as the doors and colour contrasting nylon handles are available.

Polyester powder coat finished to a standard RAL or BS colour is included. SAA and Bronze Anodised finishes can be supplied on request.

Outward opening external doors are often more vulnerable to variances in climatic conditions. To reduce the risk of damage, it is recommend that manual and automatic swing doors do not open beyond 90 degrees and installing a suitable barrier to protect the door should be considered.

Other door formats including thermally broken doors are also available.

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