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AX95 Swing Door Drive Unit

The robust Axis AX95 swing door drive unit is designed for quiet, reliable operation.

More User Friendly

The Axis AX95 swing door drive unit is designed for the automation of new or existing doors - from light internal doors to heavyweight external doors.
The Axis AX95 makes doors significantly easier to operate. Contactless opening and closing also fulfils the most demanding hygiene requirements, while helping to ensure trouble-free entry and exit.

ax85 in a hospital setting, double swing doors Standard Systems

Flexible, Functional Applications

Wherever people work, living and are cared for or congregate, there are doors that tend to hinder their comings and goings. The automation of these doors offers smooth access with hygienic, obstacle-free entry and exit.

Possible configurations

  • Single leaf or double door
  • Special solutions

Versatile Application

Axis swing door drive units are ideal for new installations or building upgrades. Lightweight doors, external doors and even fire doors can be automated with ease.


Thanks to the wide range of options available, the user is sure to obtain a fully-customised, automatic door.

Smooth, Quiet Operation

The electro-mechanical drive unit ensures that the door operates quietly and smoothly.

Maximum Reliability

The use of top-quality components guarantees reliability to match, plus a long service life and minimal maintenance.


The wide range of available options delivers customer-specific automatic solutions.

One Drive Mechanism – Many Possible Applications

The Axis AX95 swing door drive unit is highly consistent when it comes to performance, long service life and quiet running. From light internal doors to heavyweight external doors designed to withstand high winds – the Axis AX95 is always the right choice! The smooth lines of the Axis AX95 make it compatible with any architectural design. It adds value to the various applications in which it is used, thereby enhancing the overall aesthetic approach. A reliable drive mechanism for virtually any application combined with the right accessories.

  • Low energy and full automatic modes
  • Single or Double Leaf installations
  • Heavyweight external doors
  • Interlock function

Adjustable Functions

  • Low-Energy / full-power
  • Safety monitoring with automatic stop/reverse mechanism
  • Wind-load regulation
  • Control of opening and closing speed, hold-open time and motor power
  • Push & Go Function
  • Automatic closing sequence control for double leaf configurations
  • Reinforced closure (forced engagement of lock)
  • Acoustic signal during movement of the door leaf

Optional / Extendable

  • Connection of electric locks / locking mechanism
  • Remote-control systems
  • Casing in stainless steel or aluminium
  • Fully-enclosed housing
  • Integrated opening end-stop
  • Inverted drive configuration
  • Operating-status display:
    • In the drive mechanism or on an external control unit
    • Acoustic: door opens/closes
    • Dry contact for transmission of data to the building's central control system

ax85 in a hospital setting, double swing doors Standard Systems

Axis AX95 Automatic Swing Door

Day-to-day Reliability

Axis automatic doors offer maximum user-friendliness combined with advanced safety features.

Automatic doors used in the public sector have to conform to EN 16005. Various configurations are possible, depending on the application. The specialists at Axis Automatic Entrance Systems will be pleased to answer any questions that you might have.

Swing door drive units supplied by Axis Automatic Entrance Systems are fully certified, and designed to conform to the highest quality and safety specifications. The robust design of the Axis AX95 makes it resistant to attack and the TÜV safety tested drive mechanism is designed to ensure smooth, automatic operation. A series of compatible safety elements ensures optimum protection. If the Low-Energy function is configured, the system can even do without safety sensors.

Safety sensors with "Reverse" and "Stop" functions offer additional protection for pinch points. The "blanking" function is configured via the drive unit to guarantee optimum performance.

Safety sensors AX95 automatic swing door Safety sensors AX95 automatic swing door
Activ Infra red safety sensor

Finger protection
Finger protection

Control Elements

radar motion detector infrared sensor Security sensors Push buttons
Remote radio control Integrated program selector keys

D_BEDIX (optional)
radar motion detector infrared sensor Security sensors  
Range of pushbuttons

Program selector keys

The buttons on the side of the drive mechanism are used to select the desired operating mode. The selected button lights up to give an immediate indication of the active operating mode. The buttons can be disabled, depending on the situation. All settings can likewise be configured with the optional D-BEDIX control unit.

Selection and Planning Criteria

Choose the right type of installation for your needs.

Various installation and configuration options are offered to match requirements. Find out which variant is the best for you:

ax95 configuration drawings

Technical Specifications

Application Limits
Max. leaf weight 250kg
Door sizes EN 3-7 (850 – 1600 mm)
Door sizes fire doors EN 4-6 (950 – 1400 mm)
Max. opening angle 105°
Tested in accordance with DIN 18650, EN 16005
Fire-prevention version included in approval procedure

Application limits with sensory system / low-energy

Application Limits with sensory system/low ensergy diagram Technical spec table

Sliding Rod for inward opening door (and internal outward opening door)

Sliding rod for inward opening door

Standard rod for outward opening door

Standard rod for outward opening door
CHAS Accredited Supplier Safe Contractor Accredited Investors in People Certificate ADSA Accredited Altius Accredited Exor Accredited Construction Line Accredited Reset Certificate
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